Much like rooms in a HOME, every brand is unique.

House of Ramirez believes in customized representation, acting with integrity, and serving our community with products and services that help and never harm. Specializing in brand and product promotion, we take great care to treat you like family...because you are! Please fill out the form below to learn more, or to get your project started. We look forward to working with you!

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we empower, promote, and support black and brown OWNED businesses.


The truth is, we take some suggestions more seriously than others...depending on how credible we deem the source. During a recent study conducted by Nielsen's Global Trust in Advertising, 83% of survey respondents concluded they are more convinced by the recommendations made by those they know and trust over recommendations made by way of traditional advertising such as television commercials and radio ads. This is why companies are more frequently using brand ambassadors as a 'trusted' bridge between their brand and their target audience. Scroll below to learn how we can help.


We know what the people want! Trusted leaders in our community and beyond, we're available to provide feedback and insight on new products and services.


Not only will we represent your brand in a multitude of settings, we participate in event marketing, generate brand awareness through word-of-mouth, and promote via our social media accounts.


Write it down and make it plain. Published journalists and social media mavens, we can assist you with content creation such as blog posts, caption enhancement, product reviews, and more. 




Young King Hair Care

"We are so happy to have Leslie as a partner and ally for our business. Leslie strategically chooses to represent brands she believes in, and that certainly is reflected through her excitement and passion of discussing our brand and sharing it with others at events. We can't thank her enough, and are so grateful to have her on our team!"

Play Pits

"Working with Leslie has been a joy. She is punctual and very professional in helping me set up and breakdown at every event. Her ability to connect with customers and convert customers is amazing! She goes after every sale despite people saying 'no'. She stays energized and keeps positive energy to turn every customer she can into a yes! We are so happy to work with her and will continue to work with her in the future."