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Leslie has always had the ability to speak in front of thousands at such a young age, and has always shown fearlessness when speaking to anyone from any walk of life. She put her personable abilities and the way she was brought up together and has decided to use that to help others. She believes it is important to fire up the trail you, yourself, pave. Letting others see you luminate the way to your own success. Do not wait for opportunity, create your opportunity!


At a young age, she always saw the importance of supporting one another. That is what started her support amongst the Brown and Black Community. That’s what’s essential. That’s what it means to give back. That’s what we need in today's society. Ensuring that our hard-earned money pours back into our own communities.


That is how House of Ramirez formed, Genuine Support for others day-to-day grind, their Business. House Of Ramirez has the ability and track record to assist with your day to day Ambassador needs, also setting in place Experienced Advocacy programs to amplify your Customers' Experience.

Partnering up with House Of Ramirez also means growing your numbers in sales. Whether through Affiliate programs that tailors to your business needs or through Independent Contracting programs for special events and or occasions.


The passion for the Culture and the love for people is what drives House Of Ramirez to be one of the best of its kind not only in Atlanta Georgia but also NationWide. Contact us to get started.

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