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"We have so much love and respect for the way Leslie works. Her relentless drive to complete goals and her willingness to assist in every way is extraordinary.


She's such a champion for the brands she believes in and an amazing networker. It was our complete pleasure working with her ❤"

"Meeting Leslie and being introduced to Play Pits has been great. It has been an educational opportunity to offer my family healthy and safe alternatives to replace what we were using.


Continuing to grow our business relationship and similar interest in helping the community has allowed me to experience how passionate and dedicated Leslie is, in the lives of others.


I look forward to continuing to work with Leslie on various projects."


"Meeting Leslie has been a blessing. Having the opportunity to have House of Ramirez come into my organization and educate others has been a pleasure. While continuing to grow as a business and advocate, I see we carry the same goals to have the same impact in the community.


House Of Ramirez is very passionate about promoting and assisting others; there is definitely a high work ethic we appreciate so much.


Looking forward to, and also excited to see, what the future holds for House of Ramirez."

"Leslie has been an exceptional partner in my business. Our initial connection was on social media. She has been a huge supporter of Kemboocha and openly shares our product on her platform.


Leslie is more than an ambassador. She is someone who truly cares about people. Her effervescent and energetic personality is a big part of what every business needs.


I am truly happy to have connected with Leslie, and look forward to continuing to work with House of Ramirez!"


"Leslie is the type of person you want on your team helping to promote or push your brand. Her friendly, outspoken, heartfelt personality helps her reach the consumer and she always leaves an impression on others.


When Leslie is 'in' for your brand she is all in and goes hard as if it's her own personal brand.


House of Ramirez is a place that houses so many talents but just like a house everyone within becomes one big family and unknowingly harmonizes together to make one bigger brand."

"I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Ramirez in February of this year for an interview with Purposely Awakened and found her to be a proud activist and enthusiastic entrepreneur!


I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the near future on multiple projects." - Miss Storm


"We met Leslie at an event via the Village Market ATL. She approached us with her infectious spirit and we quickly connected.


Her energy can two polar opposites and her professionalism is something we admire.


We are proud to know her and look forward to doing more with her in the future." -LXX•VII (Forgive Family)

"Leslie is a constant advocate for promoting small community businesses like Get Fruity Cafe. She has promoted us on her social media platform as well as making connections with other community businesses, getting us involved with each other.


She is also keeping us in the loop as to what we should be a part of. We thank you Leslie for being an awesome human!"


"Big shout out to Leslie for promoting my business as well as so many others in the community.


I appreciate how she advocates for those disenfranchised and it’s an honor to work with her as she markets for those she believes in."

"...When I first met Leslie her energy was bomb! Her smile was welcoming and she made me feel so comfortable! I could tell she was really enjoying the environment (we met at an event) and was very passionate about her products.


We stayed in touch and weeks later she met a lady in an Uber who was looking for hair extensions. Leslie mentioned my company and informed her I sell raw Indian hair and that I traveled all the way to India to officially start my business and that I had just recently got back! The Uber driver was so ecstatic it led to her purchasing hair from me the next day!


I really do appreciate how genuine she is. So many great doors are just waiting for you to walk in, Leslie. Thank you, House Of Ramirez ❤️


"Leslie is a pleasure to work with. As the Brand Ambassador for Purposely Awakened, she goes above and beyond. She is a self-starter, marketing guru, and is passionate about the rights for millennials of color.


She makes sure to perfect each project with accuracy, so she definitely doesn’t rush to get something out because she wants to ensure that it represents not just her, but the brand well.


I’d recommend Leslie to any start-up or brand that needs help with their marketing and publicity." - Purposely Awakened the Magazine – Naomi



"Leslie is amazingly sweet and super friendly. Her personality is radiant and extremely adaptable to whatever you throw at her. She’s all about serving the community and that’s the type of person you want on your team. That’s the type of person that sews great seeds. We are extremely happy to have her as a customer and long term business partner!❤️" Elevate 8 Health – Lauren



"Leslie was invited to assist during a pop-up shop event Year Of The First Dynasty 3150 Clothing was hosting and Leslie came through with great vibes and outstanding assistance...from setting up to helping us engage with clients. Leslie was a great help and we are happy to have had her there." - 3150 Clothing Line



"Working with Leslie from the House of Ramirez has been very amazing. It is a very supportive brand that cares about the culture. Leslie is a very sweet person with good energy. She’s always happy to help promote and take your brand to the next level. I really love what she does with her company. Nothing but support." - TheSelfPublishing - Nitashia Johnson

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