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BlogHOR: The Unknown

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The Unkown



This new thing is called writing. It’s new and it's soothing. I've always had a knack for talking to strangers, men, women, children, folks of all backgrounds. And never did I see myself writing. Quite honestly for many folks it is much easier to write than speak. In my case it's the opposite. I enjoy speaking in a room full of strangers, captivating everyone with every word. Funny how in this case I much rather be telling you all this up to your face, all up in your face. Adrenaline rushing knowing I’m sharing my experience with you, with deep breaths to catch my oxygen gulp to finish my overly extended sentences. Even more so, for you to see the true passion I have for talking. I had not realized that in the end speaking to and writing for people is tied to one common factor, words. So here I am, writing, who would have known.

One step into the Unknown is a step into self growth.

-Leslie Z. Ramirez

I am understanding that even though it may take longer to type what I am feeling processing or thinking in the moment, it is still a form of expression. Maybe if you also believe, then it is a form of setting things in stone for your future. Like “speaking things into existence” if you may. No harm in setting your ideas down to help shape your future, but also a solid and permanent way to reflect back to the exact feeling you had, even after the fact. My Journey begins, I am Blogging/Vlogging about everything. If I feel it or experience it I am writing about it! My Day to Day, Dating, Cooking, Being Mom, and my new time fave add-on writing about my experience watching Sex and the City for the first time. It’s fitting and also may I add THRILLING? Way to spice up my single life, living through the young 30yr old gals of the show.

Soon enough my Vlog will have me going places just to write about them. Soon I will also have that great life I deserve at 30-ish.

Look Out World!

For those of you that know me, and those that will soon get the opportunity to tag along my life and get to know me, I am nervous and anxious about my upcoming trip. I turned 31 this year (2021). I had received my passport mid this year and sitting there at 31 I was like, I am not going to let this year go by without going out of the country. So as I looked up cheap flights I asked Myself where to?? Jamaica! Soon I was able to buy round trip flight to Montgomery Bay for NYE.

I will talk about this tomorrow in depth. I'm just giving y’all something to bite, for now. I am beyond excited.

Thrilled! Talk with you tomorrow, same time and place.

-Blog HOR

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