Oldest of three children born to Mexican immigrants, immigrants that migrated to the United States for a better life opportunity. As a young one, Leslie’s mother taught her to care and to do for others. The Golden Rule was something to live by. Leslie’s father taught her to be hard working, no matter how tired you may be, give your all to what matters to you the most. The saying “When there is a will there is a way” has been something she lives by as well.


Leslies faith taught her to be resilient and to never give up, despite what kind of opposition you face. To have faith and to walk in faith are two different things. All her life she learned that Faith with out actions is dead. She learned that she not only had to BELIEVE in herself but she had to make sure that every step she took displayed the Drive Resilience and Endurance she had within her. Alongside being giving she was taught to work hard and be fearless!


Despite many opposing her energy and methods, Leslie is the most outgoing and most outspoken individual in every room she steps foot in. She has thrived and become successful in her line of work, her passion!


She believes it is important to fire up the trail you, yourself pave. Letting others see you luminate the way to your own success. Do not wait for opportunity, create your opportunity!


Giving countless hours to her communities, she realized one day she was always meant to assist others. SHE WAS MEANT FOR SOMETHING GREATER WITH PURPOSE!


Leslie has always had the ability to speak in front of thousands at such a young age, and has always shown fearlessness when speaking to anyone from any walk of life. She put her personable abilities and the way she was brought up together and decided to use that to help others.


Noting back to her having parents being born to other countries coming into the States for a better opportunity. She saw first hand, how difficult it was for her parents and her own people to ground and sustain Small Owned Businesses. Her father a business man, her mother a teacher and also a business woman, struggling in the land of opportunity. She noticed how it almost always is our own brother and sister hood that supports our day to day grind as a business owner. And how beautiful it is to support one another. Seeing that at such a young age has been a cornerstone in her life.


As the years passed her insight and wisdom grew for the non spoken love among similar cultures supporting one another in business. It’s a powerful and beautiful thing. If you yourself have experienced it, you know how there is nothing like it.


Growing up, Leslie constantly witnessed that the opportunity of starting and running a successful business, is much greater in White communities, than the Hispanic and Black communities.


Having such love for her own culture and the mixture of other cultures that have influenced her life growing up, she decided to embrace such rich cultures and to show support how she saw as a young child. What better way to support someone and the culture they represent, than to support the one thing they pour time and effort in, to put food on the table? Small Owned Businesses.


Not supporting just every and any business. But supporting every Hispanic and Black owned business. That’s what’s essential. That’s what it means to give back. That’s what we need in todays society. Ensuring that our hard earned money pours back into our own communities.


That is how House of Ramirez formed, Genuine Support for others day-to-day grind, their Business.


House Of Ramirez has the ability and track record to not only assist with your day to day Ambassador needs, but to amplify your customers Experience.


Partnering up with House Of Ramirez also means growing your numbers in sales. Whether through Affiliate programs that tailors to your business needs or through Independent Contracting programs for special events and or occasions.


The passion for the Culture and the love for people is what drives House Of Ramirez to be one of the best of its kind not only in Atlanta But Nation Wide.


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